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Now that our Zendo has been painted and repaired, it is time for it to be cleaned.

In the spirit of on-going practice, we have scheduled a Samu Day this Saturday. 

Samu (作務 ) in Japanese refers to physical work that is done with mindfulness as a simple, practical and spiritual practice.

We hope you will join with us as we complete our beautification project of our Center.
We will be washing the floors, cleaning mirrors, dusting cushions and mats, cleaning the cubbies—the whole enchilada!

We will begin this Saturday November 23rd at 10AM and  work until completed.
Keeping with the theme, we will be providing enchiladas for everyone after our work is done (approximately 12:30)! We will have plates and utensils, but please bring your own drink.  

Please consider joining us and experiencing samu practice for yourself and for the Center. 

With bows of gratitude,


OMZN Board of Directors